3/8" FNPT 110V AC Electric Plastic Solenoid Valve


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Technical Details

Position Normally Closed
Port Size 3/8" Female NPT
Voltage 110V AC
Body Material Noryl GTX-830
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material EPDM Diaphragm
Orifice Size 3/8"
Temp Range 15 to 175° F
Pressure Range 5 - 115 PSI (Minimum Required)
Flow Rate Cv 4.3 (Appx 33 GPM @ 60 PSI)
Power 6 Watts
Coil Connection 18" Lead Wires
Response Time Fast Acting (Less than one second)
Duty Cycle 100% but not indefinitely
*Suitable Media Fluid - Potable Water – Air - *Etc
Enclosure NEMA 4
Certifications None
Weight 9.0 oz
Height 3.48"
Length 2.78" port to port
Width 2.35"

Product Overview

Our N3C-EA1 has 3/8” FNPT ports and a Noryl GTX830 plastic body. The valve has a 110 Volt AC coil that can be wired directly from the 18” leads. This valve is a great choice when you’re looking for a potable water option that is low power and compact in size.

Noryl GTX830 is a rigid plastic that has a low absorption rate. It is chemically compatible with a wide array of media types. Fitted with an EPDM seal and stainless internal parts, this piloted diaphragm valve will work across a wide range of applications. Compared to stainless steel this is an alternative low cost option.

This valve is uni-directional and controls the flow in a single direction. It is recommended to use a pre-filter to keep the valve's seal and components free from debris. This type of valve does require a minimum pressure to operate which should be greater than 5 PSI.

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