Y Strainers and Replacement Filter Screens

A Y-strainer (aka wye strainer) is a Y shaped device installed between pipes to remove debris, rust, solids, etc. from the flowline to prevent it from mixing with the liquid, gas, or steam. Any debris or particles flowing through the system that are larger than the micron size of the Y strainer replacement screen will be separated from the media flowing through the system.

ESV Y Type Strainer Features

Stainless Steel Construction

Our stainless steel y strainers are built with high quality 304 Stainless Steel and stainless-steel components. Stainless steel is an ideal choice for general use cases and safe for potable water, and industrial food processing applications.

PTFE Seals

All of our wye strainers have durable PTFE seals installed. These seals are compatible with most types of media and are long lasting.

NPT Threaded Ports

National pipe taper (NPT) threading is ideal for creating a tight seal with the pipes that these y type strainers connect to. NPT threading along with PTFE seals make these strainers virtually leak-proof.

High Pressure Rating

The dense 304 stainless steel is lightweight for y-strainers of their sizes, yet strong enough to withstand up to 800 PSI.

Replacement Y Strainer Mesh

For easy cleanup, the y-strainers use a cylinder shaped y strainer replacement screen that is made of perforated stainless steel to collect debris. Each of our strainers comes with an 80 mesh stainless steel replacement filter that is capable of filtering out materials 177 microns and larger. We additionally carry 50 mesh and 150 mesh replacement screens which filter 297 microns and 89 microns respectively.

Y-Strainer FAQ

What is the purpose of a Y-Strainer?

Y strainers can be installed in a system to mechanically remove impurities as well as protect other devices from damage caused by debris and unwanted solids. Devices such as solenoid valves, pumps, meters, and regulators risk being damaged when contaminants flow through them. A wye strainer is an affordable and easy to install device that can significantly reduce the amount of foreign matter that might otherwise reach these devices. One of the most common issues with diaphragm type valves is caused by debris preventing the diaphragm from fully seating which leads to leaks. A wye strainer is the best solution when contaminants are known to exist in the application. 

Do Y-Strainers work vertically?

Yes. Y strainers can be installed vertically, but must be installed only in pipes with a downward flow. An upward flow could allow the debris to flow back into the pipe.

How do you clean a Y-Strainer?

Regular maintenance of your strainer is important to keep your system running smoothly. To clean your y strainer, first close off the valve connections on either side of the strainer. Remove the cap where you can access the strainer for easy removal. The replaceable screen can either be replaced with a new one, or rinsed clean and reused.