5 Port Manifold, Push Connect Pneumatic Fitting - 5 Pack

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Technical Details

Plastic Components POM Plastic
Metal Components Nickel Plated Brass
Temp Range -4 to 356° F / -20 to 180°C
Connection Type 5 Port, Push Connect, Quick Release
Inlet/Outlet>Branches Reduced Tube Size
*Suitable Media Intended for Air

Product Overview

Manifold Union Push Connect Fittings are used to connect multiple tubes to a single fitting. It features three push-connect branches as well as a push-connect inlet and a push-connect outlet port, allowing easy connection of multiple tubes. It is worth noting that the branches are reduced in size from the inlet and outlet ports.

Common uses for Manifold Union Push Connect Fittings include connecting multiple pneumatic components to a single supply or distribution block, such as valves, cylinders, and actuators. They are commonly used in pneumatic systems that require multiple components to be installed in a compact and organized manner. The inlet and outlet ports are sized up to allow for suffiecient air supply to the 3 branches. If not all of the braches are necessary they can be closed using our EPP push-in plug to stop flow without leakage. 

Manifold Union Push Connect Fittings are available in a range of sizes and connection types to suit different applications. These are available in all standard industry sizes including, 5/32" supply to 1/8" branches, 1/4" supply to 5/32" branches, 5/16" supply to 5/32" branches, 5/16" supply to 1/4" branches, 5/16" supply to 5/32" branches and 3/8" supply to 1/4" branches. These fittings are made with choice components including Brass Collars, a POM plastic body and NBR seals.

The manifolds come in packs of 5 pieces.

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