Female Elbow Connector Push Connect Fitting - 5 Pack

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Technical Details

Plastic Components POM Plastic
Metal Components Nickel Plated Brass
Temp Range -4 to 356° F / -20 to 180°C
NPT Sealant Teflon
*Suitable Media Intended for Air

Product Overview

The EPLF Series, Female Elbow Connector Push Connect Fittings are a type of pneumatic fitting that is used to connect a pneumatic tube or hose to a male-threaded pneumatic component at a 90-degree angle. It features a push-in port on one end and a female NPT threaded nickel-plated brass connection on the other end with a 90-degree bend, allowing it to connect to a male-threaded component at a right angle.

Common uses of Female Elbow Connector Push Connect Fittings include connecting pneumatic tubes or hoses to compressors, valves, actuators, filters or regulators when a right-angle connection is required. It is important to use a fitting when a 90 degree turn is required to prevent your tubing from twisting or kinking.

One of the main advantages of using a Female Elbow Connector Push Connect Fitting is its ability to create a 90-degree bend in a pneumatic system which is useful in applications where space is limited or when the direction of the pneumatic tubing needs to be redirected. The female threaded connection allows for a tight seal to be created between the fitting and the male-threaded component, which helps to prevent leaks and ensure the efficient operation of the pneumatic system. This comes pre-coated in Teflon and is manufactured using Brass, POM and NBR seals, in all industry standard sizes, with the threaded port ranging from 1/8” NPT to ½” NPT male threading and the push connect size for 1/8” to ½” tubing.

This comes conveniently in packs of 5 fittings.

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