Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit with Seal

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Seal Material Viton® Diaphragm

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These rebuild kits work exclusively with the Brass and Stainless valves we offer. When selecting your rebuild kit be sure to check the right position. It is not possible to use a rebuild kit to convert the valves position.  

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Seal Kits.

Posted by Lloyd A. Reuschlein on 9th Feb 2019

found to be easy to install when needed. They last a long time.

Testing product at this time.

Posted by Lloyd A. Reuschlein Maint. on 27th Jan 2017

The first valve had a tare in the diaphragm and replaced it with the new one from the kit, so fare the new diaphragm is working like it should. This valve opens and close up to 200 to 300 time a day.

Affordable and easy to swap.

Posted by on 3rd Nov 2016

This rebuild kit is very easy to change. The only problem is the spring they include they jam it into the solenoid cover so it doesn't get lost. Once I got the spring out I wasn't sure which way was up and needed to reference another valve to make sure I had it in the right direction.