3-Way, L-Type, Stainless Steel Manual Ball Valve - 1/4” up to 2” NPT

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Technical Details

Size Port Select Above
Ball Type L-Type
Body Material 304 Stainless Steel
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material PTFE
Thrust Washer PTFE
Stem Packing PTFE
Bore Type Standard Port
Flow Bi-Directional
Temp Range -4 to 356° F / -20 to 180°C
Pressure Rating 1000 PSI
*Suitable Media Water – Air - Fuel - *Etc

Product Overview

The BV-3WL-S series is our Stainless Steel 3-way, “L-Type” manual ball valve line.  This valve consists of the body and the end caps at each of the three ports.  3-way valves are used to control flow when multiple flow patterns are necessary.  Each port has female NPT threading for easy installation. These valves eliminate the need to install a tee and multiple valves to gain the same effect. 

A Three way ball valve is perfect if you are looking to divert media from one source to two separate locations, or from multiple sources to one location.  A simple turn of the handle will change which tank you are sending media to or drawing media from.

L-Type Valve

The L-Type design refers to the cut-out channel in the ball.  The ball in this valve, as the name states, has an opening that looks like the letter “L”.  This design allows for four possible flow patterns each connecting either of the two side ports to the center port or it can completely cut off flow.  

Bi-Directional Flow Patterns

This valve is bi-directional, but allows for only one direction at a time, meaning the center port can operate as your inlet, or your outlet port. If the center port is your inlet, one position would allow flow from center to left or center to right and the other position would allow flow from center to right.   If the center port is your outlet, one position would allow flow from right to center and the other position from left to center. These are the four possible flow patterns with an L-type ball valve, this type can never flow directly through from left to right. If you are in need of a valve that can pass straight through, then a 3-way T-type valve is your solution. If you are in need of a valve that can divert flow or completely cut-off flow the L-type is your solution.

Quality Stainless Steel Construction

This valve is manufactured out of high-quality stainless steel, with stainless steel components and comes standard with PTFE seals making them versatile and resistant to reactions from many chemicals*.  The BV-3WL-S series valves  are compatible with a variety of media, especially potable water as it is lead-free.  This valve is rated for temperatures from -4° F to 356° F and pressure up to 1000PSI and can be used across many gases and liquids. Always consult a chemical compatibility expert for correct seal and valve body material choice.

*To quickly check the compatibility of the media being used in your piping with stainless steel, try our interactive chemical compatibility matrix.



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