Throttle Valve, Type SD Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler - 5 Pack

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Technical Details

Exhaust Muffler Type Throttle Valve, Muffler
Throttle Adjustment Hand Adjustable
Material Type Brass
Working Pressure 0-150 PSI
Connection Type Male NPT (Select Size Above)
Quantity per Pack 5, Throttle Valve Mufflers

Product Overview

The MSD Series, Throttle Valve Pneumatic Muffler combines the functions of a muffler and a throttle valve in a single unit. This is made up of a housing with a built-in throttle mechanism and a porous exhaust port. By turning the throttle mechanism, the flow of exhaust air is regulated, which in turn affects the noise level generated by the pneumatic system and the speed at which the air is exhausted.

Common uses for throttle valve mufflers include applications where precise control over exhaust airflow and noise reduction are required. These are commonly used on the exhausts of cylinders and actuators controlling the return speeds.

Pneumatic mufflers are a necessary safety component used to protect the hearing of users. The advantage of using a throttle valve muffler over a cone-shaped or flat muffler is the added component of a throttle valve. This valve component controls the flow rate and can be modified quickly and easily on the fly allowing for precise control of the exhaust speed and volume.

Throttle mufflers still provide noise reduction of standard mufflers along with airflow control. The noise generated by the rapid release of compressed air is reduced by dispersing it across a larger area using the porous component in the muffler. This is necessary for the safety of users. This also provides the same level of protection against the entry of debris, particles, or liquids into the exhaust ports as other muffler types. The housing typically includes perforations or porous material to prevent contaminants from entering the system while allowing the exhaust airflow.

Our MSD Series Throttle Valve Mufflers are available in 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8” and ½” Male NPT threaded sizes in packs of 5 pieces.