1" 110V AC Electric Brass Solenoid Valve

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Technical Details

Position Normally Closed
Port Size 1" Female NPT
Voltage 110V AC
Body Material Brass
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material Viton® Diaphragm
Orifice Size 25 mm
Temp Range 15 to 250° F / -10 to 120°C
Pressure Range 0 - 145 PSI (No Minimum)
Flow Rate Cv 12 (Appx 92 GPM @ 60 PSI)
Power 28 Watts / 0.50 Amps
Coil Connection Lead Wires
Response Time Fast Acting (Less than one second)
Duty Cycle 100% but not indefinitely
*Suitable Media Water – Air - Fuel - *Etc
Weight 2 lbs 5 oz
Height 4.50"
Length 3.25" port to port
Width 2.60"

Product Overview

Featured here is Model BZW-25 of our brass valve line. This particular valve is a two-way, semi-direct acting valve with a normally closed operating position. This means that there are two ports in which media flows and the valve will open when the coil is energized to allow media to pass through. Removing the energy from the valve coil will close it and stop the flow. It works across various media such as hot water, air, gas, diesel fuel, Freon, weak acids and weak alkali. The valve features a heavy duty, solid brass body that’s sure to last in the most strenuous projects.

The port size is 1” inch female NPT threaded. This Electric Solenoid Valve can handle low viscosity fluids below 20 cst. The orifice size is 25mm and the Cv value is 12. It can withstand pressure up to 145 psi (10 bar) and temperatures as low as 15°F and as high as 250°F. The seal material is FKM or Viton Rubber. This valve works in one direction and will not prevent media from moving backwards in the opposite direction. 

This specific valve has a 110 Volt AC coil with a voltage range that is -+ 10. The coil head is fitted with a DIM connector that can easily be connected with your own choice of terminals. The coils are not polarized, which mean that positive/negative does not matter when wiring them. The top of the coil features a label that indicates the valve type and specifications. Its response time is very low; in fact, it acts in less than one second, making it a great choice for all types of applications.

Customers commonly use the BZW-25 Valve for Irrigation, Fountains, Water Filtration, Solar Heating, Aquariums, Automotive, Beer Brewing, Hydroponics, HVAC, and Plumbing and everywhere else one of our valves can be applied.

This model is mountable in any position and features a conveniently positioned arrow on the body to indication the direction of flow. 

*Consult a chemical compatibility expert for correct seal and valve body material choice.

Warranty guarantees our valves to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for One year from the date of purchase.

For complete terms of this warranty see our Warranty Terms & Conditions

Reviews Write a Review

1" solenoid

Posted by BettsFX on 21st Feb 2020

Exactly what I need and cant wait to get many more!

1” solenoid valve

Posted by Donald on 22nd Nov 2019

Fit in the same place. Excellent price. Will probably buy again

1" 110V AC Electric Brass Solenoid Valve

Posted by Roger on 17th Apr 2019

Works very well now, but lost a star because of initial problems: First, the supplied wires are ridiculously short. Then the valve started letting water through under very low pressure. Fixed the wires by extending them, fixed the water leak by increasing the force exerted by the "keep closed" spring (required disassembling).

Normally closed water valve

Posted by Harry Greer on 24th Jul 2018

This product made it possible for me to remotely turn my water on. I received the valve I wanted and I noted no defects, my concern is how long cam I power this valve, at one time, without overheating (damaging) it.

Solenoid Valve

Posted by Jamie on 29th Dec 2017

Have purchased several solenoid valves for water well systems and have had great luck! they work great and have not had any issues.

electric valve

Posted by White River Pump Co on 15th Dec 2017

Works great

Great Buy

Posted by Kenn Alush on 16th Jun 2017

This is a great solenoid valve with a high flow rate. We will be buying more of these soon for an upcoming project.

Good Qulity not plastic junk

Posted by Lacoochee Florida Al on 29th Jun 2016

Produces a good free flow rate, even after 4 hours in the on position the coil is still below it's maximum suggested Thermal Load.

Using the unit to control water flow from a Deep Well Pump between the pressure tank and old leaking house plumbing. Has reduced pump cycling by 80%.

fast delivery

Posted by on 29th Jan 2015

same day delivery