1/2" Stainless Electric Ball Valve - 2 Wire Auto Return

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Technical Details

Port Size 1/2" Female NPT
Wiring Type XR22 - 2 Wire Auto Return
Voltage Range Select Above (auto detects voltage)
Body Material 304 Stainless Steel
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material EPDM
Ball Seat PTFE
Gears Metal
Bore Type Full
Flow Bi-Directional
Temp Range 15 to 250° F / -10 to 120°C
Pressure Range 0 - 185 PSI (No Minimum)
Max Torque 2 Nm
Power 500 mA while actuated
Coil Connection Lead Wires
Closing Time 5 Seconds
Duty Cycle 100%
*Suitable Media Water – Air - Fuel - *Etc
Enclosure Rating IP67 (NEMA 4 equivalent)
Weight 13.0 oz
Height 4.00"
Length 2.49" port to port, 2.75" total
Width 2.56"
Life Expectancy 80,000 to 100,000 Cycles

Product Overview

Choose an XR22 wiring option above:

  • 9 to 24V AC/DC (auto detects voltage)
  • 110 to 230V AC

This motorized ball valve will allow full flow without restriction, something that solenoid valves lack. When the actuator is powered the valve will fully open and at the same time it will charge the internal capacitor. After the valve is fully open, a negligible amount of power is needed to maintain the capacitor charge. Once power is cut/lost, the power from the charged capacitor will proceed to close the valve. Unlike standard solenoid valves, these electric ball valves are bi-directional, meaning media may flow in either direction through the valve. 


The actuator takes approximately 4-5 seconds to fully close/open the 1/4 turn ball. This slow response time will eliminate water hammer, something that is common among solenoid valves. The ball valve has a 304 stainless steel body, a stainless steel ball (driven by metal gears), a PTFE ball seat and an EPDM seal. This combination makes it compatible with many different chemicals as well as potable water applications. While the actuator is weather resistant, we advise to use caution when installing outdoors. This housing is rated IP67 and NEMA 4 and may be directly connected using its 20" lead wires. The valve is recommended to be installed with the actuator up, especially in applications with a high degree of vibrations.

We also offer a 3-Wire version without the auto return function.

 *Consult a chemical compatibility expert for correct seal and valve body material choice.

Warranty guarantees our valves to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for One year from the date of purchase.

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