1/4" 12V DC Electric Brass Solenoid Valve


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Technical Details

Position Normally Closed
Port Size 1/4" Female NPT
Voltage 12V DC
Body Material Brass
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material Viton® Diaphragm
Orifice Size 3 mm
Temp Range 15 to 250° F / -10 to 120°C
Pressure Range Air: 145 psi | Water: 115 psi | Light Oil: 70
Flow Rate Cv 0.4 (Appx 3 GPM @ 60 PSI)
Power 10 Watts / 0.50 Amps
Coil Connection Lead Wires
Response Time Fast Acting (Less than one second)
Duty Cycle 100% but not indefinitely
*Suitable Media Water – Air - Fuel - *Etc
Weight 10 oz
Height 2.62"
Length 1.60" port to port
Width 1.20"

Product Overview

RSSM-3 is currently our smallest brass bodied valve in our brass valve line. This quarter inch valve is a two-way, direct acting valve with a normally closed operating position. This means that there are two ports in which media flows and the valve will open when energized to allow media to pass through. Taking the energy away from the valve will close it and stop the flow. This 1/4 inch valve works ideally with air, other pneumatic applications as well as water. It works across various other low viscosity media such as hot water, gas, diesel fuel, alcohol, kerosene, Freon, weak acids and weak alkali. The valve features a heavy duty, solid brass body that’s sure to last in the most strenuous projects. It has a temperature range between 15°F and 250°F.

This specific valve has a port size that is 1/4” inch female NPT threaded which is US standard. The orifice size is 3mm and the CV value is 0.4. This valve is not recommended for gravity fed systems because of the small orifice size. The seal material is Viton® Rubber.

This specific valve has a 12V DC coil with a voltage range that is -+ 10. The coil head is fitted with a 14’’ wire lead that can easily be connected with your own choice of terminals. The top of the coil features a label that indicates the valve type and specifications. Its response time is very low; in fact, it acts in less than one second, making it a great choice for all types of applications. 

This model works best mounted in an upright position with the coil on top. The body features a stamped arrow on the valve body to indication the direction of flow. The valve body is threaded at the base and can quickly be mounted with 5mm machine screws. 

Customers commonly use the RSSM-3 Valve for Water Filters, Ice Makers, Drinking Fountains, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Dental Tools, Fish Tanks, Beer Brewing, Hydroponics, HVAC and Plumbing.  

*Consult a chemical compatibility expert for correct seal and valve body material choice.

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Everything was just like it should be

Posted by Justyn on 10th Jan 2018


just as advertised

Posted by Ben on 23rd Oct 2017

works great

Does the job

Posted by on 8th Feb 2017

Great service and a great product.

Product worked as specified

Posted by on 29th Jul 2016

I needed to replace the electric propane gas valve on my sailboat. I couldn't find the original part number at Parker Hannifin, so I found what I needed here at ordered it. Replaced valve works perfectly.

nice valve!

Posted by on 30th Nov 2015

The valve feels good in hand appears to be built well. The information on placard on top of valve little confusing and the voltage rating not written there you just have to remember what you ordered

solenoid very good

Posted by on 12th Oct 2015

Excellent product and delivery

Quality product at a great price.

Posted by Al on 6th Jun 2015

I use this for my on board air system and my air springs in my truck. It fits the bill and performs flawlessly.


Posted by on 29th Jan 2015

the vacuum headlight covers on my car creep up after a few hours put this in line and walllaaa no more headlights going up. hit the switch and everything is back to normal. Guess I have a vacuum leak somewhere up the line but couldn't find it this did the trick

Great product!

Posted by A Dial on 6th Dec 2014

I installed the valve in the gasoline line of my very old winch truck, making it a hybrid so an alternative fuel can be used. It works "like a charm." Supplier had the part on order, notified me when it became available as promised! A real person was always available for information or questions. Doing business with you is a PLEASURE!