1/8'' 3 Way, 2 Position Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

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Technical Details

SKU 3V110-06
Valve Type 3 Way, 2 Position
*Suitable Media Clean Air (40 Micron Filter)
Operation Type Single Solenoid, Air Return
Port Size 1/8" Female NPT, Body Ported
Flow Rate CV=0.67 (25 SCFM at 100 PSI)
Response Time Less than 0.05 Seconds
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Seal Material NBR O-Ring
Power AC: 3.0VA / DC: 2.8 Watts
Insolation Class Class F
Enclosure Rating IP65 (DIN40050)
Coil Duty 100% ED Continuous (Max. 5 Cycles/Sec.)
Temp Range -4° - 158°F (Freezing not permitted)
Pressure Range 22 - 116 PSI
Lubrication Not Required
Height (without DIN connector) 1.06"
Length 3.63"
Width 0.71"

Product Overview

The 3V110-06 Series, 1/8" 3-Way 2-Position Pneumatic Direction Control Valve is equipped with a single low power solenoid and an air return, making it a reliable component designed to provide precise control and efficiency in pneumatic systems.

The 3V110-06 valve features a 3-way design, allowing for two different flow positions. When powered on, it enables the flow from the inlet (P) to the outlet (A), and when turned off, it allows the flow from the outlet (A) to the exhaust (R). These flow directions are clearly laser etched onto the front of the valve. Additionally, this valve is single acting, with one solenoid controlling the position of the spool, and it includes an air return function for reset. Our new AC voltage stems enhance actuation speed, reducing the response time to under 0.05 seconds. This engineering improvement enables more precise control over the pneumatic circuit. It's important to note that because these valves are engineered specifically for AC or DC coils it is not recommended to switch coils from AC to DC or DC to AC voltages.

To ensure durability, the valve is constructed using aluminum alloy and NBR O-Rings, enabling it to withstand demanding environments. It is equipped with 1/8" Female NPT ports, ensuring compatibility with a range of pneumatic fittings and facilitating easy integration into existing systems. By opting for an air return function instead of a spring return, we have increased the valve's lifespan. The robust construction and high-quality materials used in this valve guarantee longevity and resistance to wear.

The 1/8" 3-Way 2-Position Pneumatic Direction Control Valve is suitable for various industrial applications, including manufacturing and automation, where precise pneumatic control is essential. Its compact size, reliable performance, and sturdy construction make it a versatile component for pneumatic systems.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we adhere to ISO9001 standards to ensure the highest quality. This valve is designed to fit seamlessly into existing manifold setups, as it aligns with standard industry sizes. Therefore, it serves as an excellent upgrade for any application, providing reliable performance.