3/4" 110V AC Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve

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Technical Details

Position Normally Closed
Port Size 3/4" Female NPT
Voltage 110V AC
Body Material Stainless Steel
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material Viton® Diaphragm
Orifice Size 20 mm
Temp Range 15 to 250° F / -10 to 120°C
Pressure Range 0 - 145 PSI (No Minimum Pressure)
Flow Rate Cv 7.6 (Appx 58 GPM @ 60 PSI)
Power 28 Watts / 0.50 Amps
Coil Connection Lead Wires
Response Time Fast Acting (Less than one second)
Duty Cycle 100% but not indefinitely
*Suitable Media Water – Air - Fuel - *Etc
Weight 1 lb 6 oz
Height 4.25"
Length 2.65" port to port
Width 2.00"

Product Overview

Our SZW-20 110VAC is a 110 Volt, 3/4”, 2 Way Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve is suitable for water, gas, air, weak acids, alkali, glycol and other low viscosity fluids. This particular valve is also food grade and suitable for potable water making it a great valve for industrial setting food and beverage systems. The Viton seal in this valve is capable of handling media as high as 250°F and as low as 15°F making it a great general purpose valve. This is normally closed meaning the valve is closed without power and opens when power is applied. The 110 volt coil is compatible with common residential 120 volt systems.   

The SZW-20-110VAC is our most popular Stainless Steel valve because it can be directly installed in most residential homes. The coil is 110 Volts AC with a tolerance of +/- 10% making it perfect for 120 Volt AC home power systems. The coil has a 5.5” wire connection that can be connected by soldering it, using terminal connectors or common wire nuts. The valve is rated for 100% duty but not indefinitely. A normally closed valve should never be installed as a fail-safe in the event of a power failure because the coil will burn out over time.

The valves lead free stainless steel body and components are ideal for installations where a lead free valve is required. This includes potable water applications, industrial food preparation and manufacturing settings. This valve will conform to NSF61 but does not have NSF certifications in place.

Installation: The valve has no polarity making power and ground interchangeable. There is an arrow indicating the direction of flow on the stainless valve body. Coil up is the preferred mounting direction but if necessary it can be installed in any position. An inline filter is recommended to keep debris from impeding on the flow and seal.

*Consult a chemical compatibility expert for correct seal and valve body material choice.


Warranty guarantees our valves to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for One year from the date of purchase.

For complete terms of this warranty see our Warranty Terms & Conditions

Reviews Write a Review

Leland Tennant

Posted by Leland Tennant on 5th Jul 2018

Installed for 3 weeks and works as expected. Controlled by a timer switch for my Domestic Water.

Stainless steel solenoid valve

Posted by Road66king on 17th May 2018

Excellent product. I needed a valve to hold up to pool chemicals. I built a solar heating system and need to cycle the valve 30 mins on and 30 mins. off. It has held up for over a year now.

3/4" 110V AC Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve

Posted by Scott on 4th Aug 2017

This valve is perfect for our application.

3/4" 110v stainless steel solenoid valve

Posted by Aspen Drilling Co. Inc. on 28th Jun 2017

This is a very good valve. I have installed them twice on 2 different water storage tanks as fill valves. I will use them again.

Exactly what we were looking for and well desinged

Posted by Rich Darrington on 14th Jun 2017

Easy to install and works perfectly in salt water.

First time user

Posted by Brad on 13th Feb 2017

So far, so good. It is working as designed. It does shut very fast and did cause some water hammer. I like the stainless steel composition and the compact size.
We did install a redundant valve for backup. Price was right compared to what I used to use.