Our Customers’ Valve Stories: From Smart Homes to Syrup

May 17th 2024

Our Customers’ Valve Stories: From Smart Homes to Syrup

Valves are essential components in many systems, providing reliable and automated control of fluid, gas, fuel, and air. They are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications, but our amazing customers have found unique and creative ways to integrate these valves into their personal projects. This post highlights some of these innovative applications, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of our products, and the ingenuity of our customers.

Home Improvement and Automation

Smart Home Faucet ControlCustomer photo of a 1/2" Brass Electric Ball Valve used to control an outdoor water faucet with Alexa

Customer: Leonard C.

Valve Used:1/2 Brass Electric Motorized Ball Valve

Application: Robert installed motorized ball valves in a low-pressure irrigation system for efficient and automated watering.

Detailed Description:

Leonard, a tech-savvy DIY enthusiast, had a great idea; programming his backyard water faucet to be controlled by Alexa. This setup gives him the convenience of turning on the water for his plants and lawn with just a simple voice command, instead of having to run back and forth across his yard.

To achieve this, Leonard used one of our motorized ball valves, which is durable and reliable in outdoor uses like this. He mounted the valve onto his outdoor water supply line, and connected the power source to an Alexa-controlled outlet.

All he needed to do then was configure the outlet in the Alexa app with his custom settings. Now all he has to do is say “Alexa, Turn on the water”, and the ball valve automatically turns, releasing a stream of water for his thirsty garden. To turn it off, “Alexa, turn off the water.”

Leonard's project showcased the integration of advanced technology with practical home solutions. By combining a motorized ball valve and Alexa-controlled outlet, he created an intelligent outdoor faucet that enhanced convenience, efficiency, and control in his backyard. This DIY solution is a great way others can try to dip their toes into smart gardening at home.

Leonard’s 5-Star Review:


Valve works great. We wanted Alexa to turn on the outside faucet, so we introduced a bypass controlled by the electric ball valve and activate it with an Alexa-controlled outlet. We can now use the hose on our deck without running around to turn on the faucet manually”

Motion-Activated Pet Fountain

Motorized Ball Valves Customer DIY Motion Activated Pet Fountain

Customer: Scott M.

Valve Used:1/2 Brass Electric Motorized Ball Valve

Application: Scott created a motion-activated cat fountain to provide his cats with a steady supply of fresh water.

Detailed Description:

Scott, a creative and crafty cat owner, came up with a way to provide his cats with a steady supply of fresh, flowing water. Constantly refilling water dishes for multiple cats can be time-consuming and inconvenient, so Scott took on a DIY project to create a motion-activated cat fountain.

He chose a ½” motorized ball valve, which is perfect for regulating water flow for a project like this, and also better for preventing a water hammer effect.

To automate the waterflow, Scott wall-mounted a motion sensor that can detect the presence of cats looking for a drink. He connected the water lines to a waterfall faucet, which you can see in the picture above. This kind of faucet adds a nice aesthetic, and also creates a gentle water stream that the cats can enjoy.

The auto-water system was a success. Scott says his cats love it!

Scott’s 5-Star Review: 


Great! I got the idea from the electric ball valve. Added a wall mounted sensor and a waterfall faucet. Cats love it, and no more filling water dishes!”

Outdoor Applications

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Series of 1 inch brass electric ball valves installed in an irrigation system

Customer: Robert M.

Valves Used1 Inch Brass Electric Motorized Ball Valve

Application: Robert installed motorized ball valves in a low-pressure irrigation system for efficient and automated watering.

Detailed Description:

Robert installed motorized ball valves in a low-pressure 12 PSI irrigation system. The system was designed to provide efficient and automated watering for the specific needs of his landscaping.

The motorized ball valves were strategically placed in key zones of the irrigation system, allowing for precise control over the flow of water to each zone. These valves were connected to a Hunter-ProC controller, which served as the brains of the irrigation system.

The Hunter-ProC controller was programmed to automatically open and close the ball valves based on a predetermined schedule so that each zone received the right amount of water at the right time. This particular controller also provides the ability to manually override the schedule, so you can adjust the watering schedule as needed.

The combination of motorized ball valves and the Hunter-ProC controller resulted in an effective and automated irrigation system that provided optimal watering. This type of system can reduce water waste, minimize runoff, and promote healthy plant growth.

Robert’s 5-Star Review: 


Recently installed these valves on a low pressure 12 PSI irrigation system combined with a Hunter-ProC controller. Appears to be working very well and as planned. Excellent product for my situation, time will tell for durability and use.

Automated Greenhouse Watering

Customer case study of 1/4'' 24V AC Push Connect Plastic Solenoid Valve used to automate watering in a greenhouse

Customer: Stephen M.

Valve Used:1/4 24V AC Push Connect Plastic Solenoid Valve

Application: Stephen automated his greenhouse watering system to optimize moisture levels for different plant species.

Detailed Description:

Stephen, an inventive horticulturist, found a way to enhance his greenhouse with a little automation. The solution he came up with freed him from the mundane tasks of manual watering, allowing him to focus on other tasks around the greenhouse.

Within his irrigation system, Stephen incorporated solenoid valves, which allowed him to increase the precision and efficiency of the watering process in his greenhouse.

The installation of the solenoid valves enabled Stephen to create a customized watering regimen that addressed the unique requirements of each plant species. By programming the valve to open and close at specific intervals, he was able to provide an optimal moisture balance for his plants.

Stephen’s 5-Star Review: 


Great. Delivery was prompt loved the inspect and pack sign offs and valve works great!"

Automotive and Industrial Solutions

Reliable Diesel Fuel Transfer

1/2" Brass Electric Ball Valve installed in a truck to control diesel gas flow in weather resistant condition

Customer: Gabriel M.

Valve used:1/2" Brass Electric Ball Valve

Application: Gabriel used a weather-resistant brass ball valve to connect his truck's transfer tank to the main fuel tank.

Detailed Description:

Gabriel, a diesel truck owner, needed a solution for connecting his truck's transfer tank to the main fuel tank. Gabriel’s concern was finding a valve that could hold up to the elements, which the old valves didn’t.

Needing a reliable solution, he came to us looking for a weather-resistant brass ball valve that could withstand the harsh and unpredictable conditions he often faced on the road.

The valve he chose is manufactured with a rugged brass body that can withstand his trucking adventures. The PTFE seal inside the valve is chemically compatible with diesel fuel, as are the rest of the wetted components.

The valve has been working great for Gabriel. It creates a secure and leak-proof connection between the transfer tank and the main fuel tank, and Gabriel doesn’t have worry anymore about fuel leaks or disruptions caused by inclement weather or rough terrain.

Gabriel’s 5-Star Review: 


I needed a more weather sealed motorized ball valve to connect the transfer tank in the bed of my truck to the main fuel tank. Since it is open to the elements, I’ve had multiple cheap ball valves fail in the past three years. This valve has a better weather rating, and I expect it to last for a long time.“

Hydropneumatic Pump Control

3/4" Brass Electric Ball Valve installed with hydropneumatics pump control

Customer: Casey B.

Valve used: 3/4" Brass Electric Ball Valve

Application: Casey automated a hydropneumatic pump system to regulate water flow based on tank levels

Detailed Description:

Looking for a better way to ensure optimal water management, Casey, an ingenious engineer, found a practical way to automate her system. Casey's DIY innovation used a motorized ball valve to have a hands-off way of regulating water flow.

Casey designed the system with a simple float switch that controls the valve. When the water tank reaches about half-empty, the float switch activates the valve, which opens and allows water to flow until the water reaches about 3 inches from the top of the tank. At this point, the valve closes, and the pump shuts off, all without anyone needing to be present.

Casey's innovative solution completely automates the water flow process, maintaining optimal pressure and flow rates, conserving resources, and keeping one more thing off of the to-do list. The simplicity and reliability of this system make it an attractive option for various applications requiring efficient water management.

Casey’s 5-Star Review: 


I needed to control a hydropnuematic pump by change of pressure. This valve was the solution. I placed it at the inlet of my water storage tank. Up to the valve, there is always pressure maintained from the pump. When the tank reaches about half-empty, a float switch activates the valve, which opens, water flows until the water reaches about 3 inches from the top of the tank after which it closes and the pump shuts off. Perfect.“

Remote Water Flow Control

1/2" Brass Electric Ball Valve installed for remote water flow control

Customer: Mark G.

Valve used:1/2 Brass Electric Motorized Ball Valve

Application: Mark implemented a motorized ball valve for remote water control on his lower property using a WYZE Smart Plug and his iPhone.

Detailed Description:

Mark, a homeowner with a knack for home automation, wanted a better way to manage and simplify water control on his lower property. To do this, Mark implemented a motorized ball valve within a bypass pipe circuit, which he cleverly installed inside a closet wall.

Integrating the valve with a WYZE Smart Plug enabled him to use his iPhone to control the valve. This setup not only provides convenience but also increases the efficiency of managing water flow across his property.

Now, with just a few taps on his iPhone, Mark can turn the water on or off from anywhere with an internet connection. The level of control is invaluable, especially if an unforeseen event ever comes up.


  • Remote Control: The ability to control the valve via a smartphone offers significant convenience.
  • Compact Design: The compact valve size made installation straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Enhanced Control: The system allows for precise water management, which is particularly useful for maintaining property infrastructure.

5-Star Review: 


The ball valve and driver come packaged very compact. My project required plumbing it in with a bypass pipe circuit and located it inside a closet wall. Power to the valve driver is via a WYZE Smart Plug so it can be controlled via iPhone. Thus far I’m very pleased with the units operation and plan to purchase another one for an additional project I have.“

Artisanal and Craft Production

Maple Syrup Production Automation

3/4" 110V AC Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve and Auber SYE-2362 temperature controller for maple syrup production

Customer: Robert F.

Valve used:3/4 Inch Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve

Application: Robert automated the maple syrup draw-off process using a stainless steel solenoid valve paired with a temperature controller.

Detailed Description:

Preparing for the 2024 maple syrup season, the savvy syrupmaker Robert F. used a stainless steel solenoid valve to automate the draw-off process. To ensure precise and efficient operation, he paired this valve with an Auber SYE-2362 temperature controller.

By combining the solenoid valve with the temperature controller, Robert created a system that optimizes the syrup production process. The setup makes sure the valve opens and closes based on the temperature, maintaining consistent quality and efficiency during production. This automation not only enhances productivity but also ensures that the syrup is drawn off at the optimal temperature, improving the overall quality of the final product.

By embracing technology, he is able to streamline his operations, ensure consistency, and maximize the yield from his maple trees. This approach not only benefits Robert but also contributes to the overall quality and reputation of maple syrup production in his region.

5-Star Review: 


Getting prepared for maple syrup season 2024, brought this valve to automate the drawn off progress, the valve is attached to a Auber SYE-2362 temperature controller and together they work most efficient.“


Automated valves offer unparalleled versatility, finding applications in home automation, outdoor irrigation, automotive systems, and even food production. Our customers' innovative uses demonstrate the reliability and adaptability of our products.

Feeling inspired? Explore our online catalog of solenoid and ball valves to find the perfect solution for your needs. Whether you're working on a DIY home improvement project, enhancing your garden irrigation system, or looking for industrial-grade solutions, we have a valve that can help you achieve your goals.

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